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Meatland proudly serves thousands of Georgian Bay boaters each year!

Welcome to Meatland

At Meatland there is always a butcher on duty ensuring that it is never a problem to have meat custom cut or ask for cooking tips, such as which cut is best for the barbecue. This family owned and operated business was established in 1959

When it comes to service, Meatland is a cut above.

At Meatland our fresh meat is displayed inside a full service meat counter. It is unwrapped, which means customers choose the cut and quantity they want. Boxed meats are also available, offering retail customers the same value and quantities usually reserved for wholesale customers. Steaks, burgers, sausage and jumbo hot dogs are popular items for those who enjoy firing up the barbecue.

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  • "Bought a front quarter last year the meat is so tender and tasty..need to order another front quarter shortly!!"

  • "I have been a customer at Meatland for over a decade. The quality of their meats and their customer service is unmatched. Kurt, Christine and the entire staff are very friendly and exceptionally knowledgeable of their products. They are always willing to offer grilling tips and cooking preparation advice.
    If you are in the Midland area and you want the finest meat products along with a true butcher shop experience there is no better place to go!"

  • "Awesome. I buy bulk bacon which I feel is a cost saving. I buy bulk cuts for steak, which they will take the time to answer my questions on which meat choose and how to cut.  Additionally, this is where I go when itís time to make sauce, too save on water or multiple trips: if the grocery store doesnít have ground veal or pork, why buy the beef? Meat land has it all, at a reasonable price for quality. "

  • "This place is great. Everyone's friendly, and helpful. My favourite thing really is that i can ask for specific thickness cuts, specialty cuts, and advice on cooking. Also i prefer to bread my own schnitzel and they'll cut plain ones for me. Thanks guys! "

  • "My first order from here was about 20 years ago and it was for summer. I asked for all roasts to be steaks instead. Oh they put so many steaks in there and the quality was better then any steak Iíve had from anywhere else! And then the rest of the store! Bulk foods, spices, the largest pack of eggs I could find in this area. And every busy worker was friendly and helpful. If you needed help to your vehicle they would help. "

  • "Thank you for all your help with my Christmas ham. My children said best ham ever! "

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