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Beef Tenderloin

The tenderloin is the most tender of beef cuts. It also has little fat marbling which makes it a favorite of those that love steak but yet watch their consumption of fat. If youre watching your weight but have a craving for a tender steak, the filet is the perfect choice.

Flank Steak *Frozen

Flank steak is a tough but flavorful steak from the belly section of the beef. The best way to cook it is to either braise it slowly, or grill it very quickly. Slicing against the grain is especially important, because otherwise the muscle fibers will be very chewy.

New York Striploin

The strip is prized for its fine texture and buttery flavor. It is moderately tender and has good fat marbling. It is a tasty option to the rib eye steak which has significantly more fat content. The New York Strip is always a very popular cut of steak at the best steakhouses.

Rib Eye Steak

Best choice of steak on the menu. An abundance of marbling, ribbons of fat that melt into the lean as it cooks delivering that rich beef flavor. A Smooth, fine texture and exceptional tenderness. Dont be counting the calories. Just enjoy those morsels of grilled goodness.


Family-sized steak that offers lean, well-flavored and moderately tender beef at an affordable every day price. Convenient and a great value with no bones and little fat. Versatile, juicy and delicious.


The Porterhouse and T-bone are among the most popular steaks, perfect for grilling. Being located in the short loin section, the have more fat marbling than many other cuts of steak. Fat marbling and younger beef is key key to enhanced flavor and tenderness.

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